Culture Geek


Culture Geek is an annual conference on the digital side of culture The event brings together arts organisations and digital experts for a day of inspiration and actionable advice.

Following lower than expected sales in 2018, we refreshed all communications from the logo to advertising, website to on-site branding.


We created a new conference logo sure to grab the attention of the style conscious arts marketing professionals who attend the event.

The tagline ‘Where Culture meets Digital’ was introduced to clearly communicate what the event is about, while a impactful ‘ticker tape’ branding element made it easy to brand the conference venue.


Conference sales increased by 39% following the rebrand, new website and new marketing campaign, not only that but the event attracted Microsoft as it’s lead sponsor for 2020.

Conference advertising posters
Conference Programme Design for Culture Geek 2019
Conference website design
Conference marketing website
Conference tote bag
Branding for conference
Conference branding