General Public is a specialist design consultancy completely immersed in the arts and cultural sectors.

We monitor audience motivations, keep abreast of what’s new, speak at industry events, write for the trade press, record trends and even conduct our own research. We spend our lives understanding museums, galleries and cultural attractions.

Crucially, this helps us to understand the people who visit them; how they think, act, react and buy. After all, the success of any venue or event is dependent on the audience. Ultimately, they vote with their feet.

That’s why our approach is centred around the audience — what motivates them and how can we persuade them to act? The arts are different from simply getting people to pick up a new brand in a supermarket. The arts and cultural sectors demand so much more from an audience.

We want them to take that next positive step: to convert a passing interest into a ticket purchase, a website hit into an actual visit, an appreciation into real involvement.

Persuading people to take that positive action is the key to our approach.

Our Experience